Allen F. Sweet, originally from Newfane, New York, spent most of his life in central New York State.  He is an avid collector and student of Havana stoneware.   He also has a passion for the glass of Frederick Carder and HP Sinclaire, and enjoys the research and identification of all kinds of antiques.

He brings the story of this time-honored pottery to life, and helps collectors everywhere appreciate the beauty of these objects and their significance in early American history.

In speaking of the origin of his passion, he says, “My interest in Havana Stoneware began when I worked for a country auctioneer. There were always pots in the auctions and I got hooked on them.  I did a lot of digging in farm dumps at that time, and would often find shards and once in a while a whole piece. I did a lot of study and found that the current writings about Havana were not correct. Joseph L. Savage and his partners had been omitted and the closing date of the Whittemore factory was wrong. What better excuse to research for a book?”