The following is a guide and should only be used as a reference for pots in good condition. Minor cracks and chips have some effect, but serious damage will lower the price considerably.

All prices reference images and pages found in The Stoneware of Havana, NY and Its Makers – 1850-1888.

Page NumberPhotos (in order of appearance)Price range (good to excellent condition)
7Wading Bird$200-$300
7Porringer $250-$300
333 Gallon Jug$500-$600
383 Gallon Jug $1800-$2500
412 Gallon Jug $250-$300
41Batter Pail$50-$75
412 Gallon Cream Pot$200-$300
555 Gallon Dash Churn$1800-$2500
555 Gallon Cream Pot$350-$400
56Small Preserve Jar (rare)$2000-$3000
615 Gallon Jug$4000-$5000
632 Gallon Crock$4000-$5000
716 Gallon Crock$600-$800
714 Gallon Jug$400-$600
652 Gallon Jug$250-$300
652 Gallon Jug$200-$250
695 Gallon Churn$2000-$3000
715 Gallon Jug$4000-$5000
75Butter Crock$3000-$3500
755 Gallon Churn$2500-$3500